Farmington Hills-SMA Mid Winter Break

This year, the winter weather has been exceptionally cold and the record low temperatures have forced many schools to close down for more days than any other time in recent history.  As a result, this has been very disruptive to the families of our schools.

Since Schoolhouse began, we have followed the public school district when it has come to school closings and delayed starting times for a variety of reasons.  This year we did not want to cause further disruption and confusion by not following the local district closures. However, this year has brought to light that this is no longer a good policy for our families.  Therefore beginning the 2014-15 school year, Schoolhouse will no longer follow the local district closures but instead make closure and/or delayed start decisions on a case by case basis as we determine it will best meets the needs and safety concerns of our families and staff.  Therefore it will be important to note, your local Schoolhouse Montessori Academy will only be closed if it is listed on the news stations (e.g. and to disregard any local district closures. 

Further, to help alleviate the burden these closures have caused, Schoolhouse has decided to cancel the local mid-winter breaks for each school – please refer to your Schoolhouse Montessori location’s calendar for these dates.  Schoolhouse typically offers child care during this break at an additional cost, however this year we will not be charging families and will treat these days as normal school days to help make up for the days closed due to weather and to ensure students receive any missed curriculum for the closures. Any families who have already signed up and paid for mid-winter care will be refunded or have the payment credited to their remaining balance if they wish. If you have already planned vacation for these dates, please do not change or cancel your plans. 

We sincerely hope that this will help our families this year and in the future if there are more winters ahead like this one. 

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