Upper Elementary Program

Schoolhouse Montessori Academy Upper Elementary Program — Independent Learners in Advanced Studies

Grades 4-6

“The teacher’s task is no small or easy one! He has to prepare a huge amount of knowledge to satisfy the child’s mental hunger, and he is not, like the ordinary teacher, limited by a syllabus.” – Maria Montessori

As Schoolhouse Montessori Academy expands its upper elementary program, the Montessori approach remains our foundation. Students are independent learners, exploring areas of interest as well as traditional topics of study. Students use Montessori materials, with textbooks to supplement their learning.

Language Arts Curriculum

By this time, Schoolhouse Montessori Academy students are fluent readers. They begin to use reading and writing as tools— to learn, discover and celebrate the world around us.

    • Reading – Students participate in literature circles where they discuss books they are reading. For additional language and comprehension skills, we continue to use the SRA program.
    • Writing – In upper elementary, students refine their writing skills as they move through the process of brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. They experience all genres of writing and discover how to do independent research projects.
    • Grammar Study/Word Study – Students do advanced work with sentence analysis and diagramming, and have weekly vocabulary lessons using the Wordly Wise program.

Mathematics Curriculum

Students master the skills of all four operations (both simple and complex) at an abstract level. They work with decimals, multiples and fractions using Montessori materials and use the bead cabinet to explore powers and square root concepts.

History Curriculum

At Schoolhouse Montessori Academy, we base our studies on the timeline of life and man. Students study great civilizations of the past, our present United States history, and the great state of Michigan. By diversifying the study of history children study in depth the needs of people in different time periods, as they relate to them and society as a whole.

Schoolhouse Montessori Academy geography explorations build on the study of history. Students learn about land and water structures of great, historical locations and how the land influenced the culture of the time.

Nature and Science Curriculum

Our study of science covers the life, physical, and earth sciences. We do detailed studies using Delta Science Foss Kits and other supplemental science materials. Students study, learn and practice the scientific process and become more adept at planning and presenting projects through scientific research.

Additional Subjects

Upper elementary students at Schoolhouse Montessori Academy continue with foreign language, music (including with recorders), art and physical education. Students also learn basic computer functions, keyboarding and are introduced to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Spring 2021-22 M-STEP Test Results

Each year our 3rd through 6th grade students participate in M-STEP testing.  Although not mandated by the state for private schools, we find such test results help provide parents with a baseline of their child’s current academic standing in relation to other children in the state.  Additionally, it helps parents to make informed decisions regarding their child’s future educational path.