Schoolhouse Montessori Academy views the education of your child as an immense responsibility. Our role is to be more than just a daycare or preschool facilitator. We strive to develop dedicated curriculums for each age group, always designed to nurture the natural inquisitiveness that fuels young minds.

Our mission is to provide high quality, private Montessori education that helps each child realize his/her fullest potential. We seek to help every child reach physical and intellectual independence through Montessori practices, carefully designed learning materials, and curriculum. By going beyond what a daycare or traditional preschool offers, we prepare children for a lifetime of learning that matches their unique intellectual strengths.

The Montessori Way

The methods used by Schoolhouse Montessori Academy are directly derived from the work of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952), a pioneer in early childhood education.

Dr. Montessori’s belief was that an individual learns in life, not a classroom. Education is a lifelong experience, driven by a natural curiosity and love of knowledge unique to the human experience.

The classroom should not be designed to memorize keystone facts, but to cultivate a love of learning that will transcend every step in a child’s life. The desire to learn, ability to learn, and understanding of how each child learns is central to Montessori methods.

Schoolhouse Montessori Academy shares those views. Our programs include highly trained and certified Montessori educators, an extensive array of timeless teaching materials, and a beautiful environment designed to help children reach their full potential.